The Secret of the 4s and 10s

The four and 10 give an attractive nine to five ($9 returned for ever $5 bet) reward, so if you lay $5 on both numbers, you’ll acquire $9 if just one one hits. Of course, if you paid for the identical numbers you would earn a bit more, but you will have to make at least a twenty-five dollar bet on the two (fifty dollars total) to make this make money.

Wanna know the secrets that craps masters use to profit from $5 wagers on the fours and tens?

Let us see!

What you will be looking for is three hits on the 4 or ten to earn your $$$$. If the shooter is a great one, you’ll most certainly make this bet, and this is how you’ll do it.

To start, place five dollars on both the 4 and ten. Let’s say that the 4 hits and you earn nine dollars. Take the two numbers down and you’ll have $19 in your hand (14 dollars from the four and 5 dollars from the ten). Add a buck to this and bet the four once again for $20. When you succeed you get 36 dollars along with your $20 back. Cash in the $6 and lay the 4 a third instance for 50 dollars. This 3rd hit wins you ninety dollars, and you take it all off the table. You have turned your primary bankroll of $5 into ninety dollars in just 3 hits.

Now if the 10 hit 1st you would be wagering on that number instead of the four. Also, you should bet only if the shooter is good enough to bet on – does he lay big bets on themselves and look like he will be a good shooter? If not, don’t wager on them – find another table or delay for the next tosser.

In thirty six test rolls, you should observe three fours and three 10s, a sum of 6 hits – the same number as the 7, so picking a good shooter is extremely vital. Once you do, this three step play will function more frequently than you might imagine. It’s a great way of changing 5 dollars into $90 in a tiny amount of time.

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