Understand How to bet on Craps – tricks and Strategies: Take an Open Position

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You notice a craps table with a few available spots. Which seat should you take? That’s a matter of individual preference. Is there a captivating man or girl playing alone at one end of the craps table? Which gamblers are using cigarettes? Which look bored? Which seem inebriated or obnoxious? Choose a seat where you will feel the most comfortable.

I prefer gambling on the end, right next to the croupier. On the end, I don’t need to worry about players on either side of me. I don’t like wagering near to the stickman as I always seem to get in the way of him reaching for the dice or maneuvering the stick.

After playing for a while, you’ll get a sense for your preferred position. You don’t have a choice when it is bursting. If you end up in a lousy spot (for example, an obnoxious guy is near you), just switch to another free spot. If the table is filled, hang out until someone walks away and take their spot. Be aware of a gambler "coloring up," which is a sign that she’s departing, and tell the croupier that you would like to take over her seat. The croupier will then hold that spot and not allow a new person to quickly take the spot. The croupier will amiably ask the new gambler to shift to the location that you leave. Clearly, when you change locations, don’t forget to take your chips.

Gamblers next to you can have an affect on your mood and complete playing experience. They can cause it to be fun or horrible. You might get stuck next to a chain-smoking fat guy with wicked body odor, or it may be a group of drunk babes spilling out of their halter tops. So, choose your spot wisely.

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